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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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dealing with a heat wave, one of the hottest spots right now in the tri-valley. let's take a live look outside. this is from our camera in dublin towards livermore where it topped out at 101 degrees today. tonight we have team coverage for you starting with meteorologist rob mayeda who is tracking the temperatures. 100 degrees in concord and san francisco not bad. 73 degrees for a high and napa 94. a few other temperatures that we saw, san jose up to 89 and morgan hill 94 degrees. also 94 around redwood city, so almost 40 degrees of separation from the coast across those valleys where as you just saw livermore and dublin right now still at 93 degrees and we're going to stay in the 70s here all the way through about 10:00 tonight. just slow cooling as we head into tonight so what to expect now as we head towards tomorrow morning. 85 in san jose right now and we'll begin to see patch eds of low clouds, increasing towards
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the morning and for the afternoon across the valleys another hot day inland and we do think we'll see some cooling changes ahead. more on that in the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks so. also with this heat means, of course, fire danger. we're already seeing some brushfires pop up. this one is near the lagos golf course in san jose. this fire began about 1:00 in the afternoon. it is put out now. no injuries to tell you about and folks living in this area certainly saw a lot of smoke. cal fire is battling several wildfires across the straits here. the san fire is burning in southern california. people can see this from the highways, the residents there and many people are evacuated. this is in the city of santa clarita. this one burning in bug surwhere more than 1,000 homes have been evacuated here. more live now from san francisco where firefighters are freepg take on this blaze. christie? >> this fire has already grown,
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3,000 acres and the state has put out a call for mutual aid to firefighters and crews have already left from san francisco along with firefighters from other departments within alameda county. video was tweeted out of two strike teams from the local government and emergency services. it all 42 fire personnel. they join more than 300 firefighters in monterrey county battling the soboronics fire. evacuations are happening in san francisco of five engines and 22 firefighters left late this afternoon. we're told they will do structure protection. we spoke with the assistant chief about the conditions there. >> when you have high temperatures like this and winds become more active and i do know because of the laid rains, you have high grass and flashy fuels are much taller this year than they would be normally so that
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helps contribute to the fire. >> he says that they plan in advance for this and volunteer for these types of assignments. this assignment, we're told, could be up to ten days depending, of course, on how long the fire advances. reporting live from san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. take a look at this wildfire that continues to burn out of control in southern california. we just talked about this. this is the sand fire that burned 11,000 acres in the santa clarita mountains. so far it's only 10% contained and 1,500 homes in the area have been evacuated and many pets also have been rescued. a lot of horse farms and things there, too, where the animals have been relocated. san jose police called in the s.w.a.t. team to break up a house party that turned violent early this morning. they estimate up to 30 people had gathered in the abandoned home in southeast san jose on
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mt. shasta drive near mt. mckinley drive not too far from mt. pleasant high school. people arrived to the call of people fighting in the street and to the home and when officers got there people threw bottles at them. officers quickly decided they need backups and s.w.a.t. team members sent flash bang grahe neighborhoods and also detained several people for questioning. a serious warning tonight in the north bay. park police are looking for a man who tried to lure a young woman into his truck. this morning the woman was walking near southwest boulevard and college view drive when the man pulled up right next to her. she told detectives he repeatedly asked for her to get in his vehicle telling her she would not be walking alone and she shouldn't be walking alone. the truck is described as an older model toyota, light blue in color with a camper shell on the back. the woman also reported a similar incident a few weeks back in which a different man approached a young girl in the same area.
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making their first appearance as a duo today presidential candidate hillary clinton and her new running mate senator tim kaine did hit the trail in florida. >> let's do debt-free college and build bridges and roads and airports so people can have jobs. >> now clinton named her vice presidential pick yesterday this. announcement coming days before the democratic national convention which is taking place in philadelphia. right now california delegates are preparing to head east, and that includes the south bay's youngest delegate. we spoke with him before he left and this will be a big moment for him. >> reporter: huge. sergio lopez is feeling honored to represent south san jose where he's from. plus it's a culmination of all the hard work he's put in to becoming a delegate. he had to take his final exams at yale early and fly back here to san joseph to campaign and the fund-raising started. he raised more than $3,600 on his go fund me page to cover his
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flight and hotel. we caught up with him before his flight to philadelphia. he leaves tonight. still hadn't packed, but says his only job for the dny is to cast his vote for hillary clinton. >> a lot of why i ran was because i really would like to see more young people involved and have a more diverse party which the democratic party has been doing a great job of, and i think we need to keep moving in that direction. >> lopez says he didn't watch much of the republican national convention but expects more party unity during the dnc since senator bernie sanders endorsed secretary clinton, but already today there was some discord at the dnc as sanders supporters failed to eliminate super delegates in future elections. lopez says he understands where they are coming from, but he's been a hillary clinton supporter for many years now, but said very diplomat delay it may be time to move on. now we're going to move on from this young delegate at 11:00, an
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hour before he leaves for the dnc. reporting live in san jose, i'm lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> very exciting for him. thank you so much. donald trump today taking to twitter to try to undercut hillary clinton's choice of a running mate. the republican presidential nominee pointed to the transpacific partnership trade deal in the tweet and said he's been pushing the deal between 12 countries, including the u.s. and canada saying he's been pushing hard to get the deal approved and kaine is owned by the nom northeast. the republican nominee did not make any public appearances today. nbc bay-year is teaming up to help clear the shelters, a national movement to help pets in need find a good home. adoption fees are being waived or reduced at most shelters in the bay area today. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is live at the san francisco spca where a lot of pets have found homes. the numbers of how many animals have been adrop theed, jeff, is
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truly exciting. >> it really is. it's been wildly successful. this is now our second year, and we're out here at the san francisco spca where it was so loud earlier. you could hardly, you know, think in this room and we have the latest adoption numbers right now, and you can see clear the shelters, bay area adoptions now up to 3,400. last year total adoptions were only 1,000. right here at the san francisco spca a record-setting 100 and counting. it continues to be busy right back here behind me in that adoption center. now we have lots of animals out here. this is one of them. we also have suzan from the san francisco spca and it's been a big day for all of you guys. >> it has been beyond belief. we're thrilled. people lined up outside the doors and done over 100 adoptions which is a record for us. lots of animals have gone home to their new people and new lives, and this is alfie who is available for adoption and he's waiting for a home, too, and he's just a love bug.
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>> he's super, super cute and you guys rex tending this a little bit longer. >> we'll be doing free adoptions all weekend long so if anyone would like to come on down on sunday we'll be waiving adoption fees here on the mission campus and also at our location in pacific heights. >> suzan, thank you so much. peggy, we've got alfie here that still needs a home. who wouldn't love a dog like this. >> oh, my goodness, handsome. >> very dapper. >> yes, he is. very regal. hopefully somebody will pick him up, if not today maybe tomorrow. there are more than 45 shelters in the area waiving or reducing adoption fees this weekend. find one closest to you by heading to we've put together this interactive map so you can help find shelter closest to you. if you couldn't make it there today, still time tomorrow to find that new family member. >> transforming a crime hot spot into a real party sewn. coming up this out-of-the-box idea to clean up crime in one south bay area and also hundreds of thousands of pounds of raw
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sewage, just disgusting, spilling into the bay, a mistake by an employee that caused the debacle and why officials say it won't pose a health threat. >> a hot start to the weekend. 939 degrees in dublin and a sea breeze cooling things down in san francisco. will the stronger sea breeze mean a cooler finish to the weekend? a look at that and the microclimate forecast when we come right back. enough sewage to fill 50
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swimming pools. that's how much officials say accidentally spilled into the san francisco bay. enough sewage to fill 50 swimming poolsch that's how much
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officials say accidentally spilled in this san francisco bay. now according to "the mercury news" an employee accidentally turned the wrong valve at a wastewater treatment plant that sent 952,000 gallons of partially treated sewage into the bay. plant officials say the spill not going to cause any harm to the environment because most of the toxic impurities had already been removed. yahoo may have finally found a match and a report says that verizon is close to closing on a deal to buy yahoo's core business. according to bloomberg and cnbc, the price tag of the deal is $5 billion. that includes yahoo's internet properties and patents but not necessarily its real estate holdings. the finalized deal which could be announced as soon as monday would put an end to yahoo's 21-year history as an independent company. well, this is sure to ruin some vacation plans here. take a look here at hawaii bracing for tropical storm darby. this is video from a tower cam in hilo. you can see the winds really
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starting to pick up the palm trees and they are getting pushed around a bit. the storm is covering the big island right now and that's expected to move to may, reaching honolulu by sunday night. winds there could be up to 50 miles per hour. if you're dealing with a lot of heat right now that probably doesn't look too bad. heat across the country right now. >> all across the country and we're also keeping a close eye and a lot of folks heading out to the islands and right now the latest on tropical storm darby. winds at 40 miles per hour. the path will take it off to the north of maui and oahu over the next 24 hours. the biggest threat, flooding rains on the northeast side of the hawaiian islands as the system packs a lot more rain, we think, than strong gusty winds. closer to home, just a little bit of a sea breeze. keeping things cool at half moon bay. look at that. 46 degrees and 68 in san francisco and inland a different story out towards pleasantton. clear skies and 939 degrees and temperatures earlier today topping 100. as we show you san jose.
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also mostly clear but not quite as hot. a high today of 89 degrees and 85 right now and into san francisco the sea breeze has come back. 68 degrees and the humidity is starting to come up as that ocean air conditioning slowly begins to turn back on, but you can see there the wind speeds inland not that strong. we do have that coastal cooling that reaches across the inner bay, but basically stops right at castro vale and just north of san jose. inland valleys all into the 90s though for tomorrow morning we'll probably get a little bit of low cloud cover into the inner portions of the east bay. not out towards the tri-valley or the south bay but a few patchy low clouds to start and all-day clouds out on the coast where we'll see temperatures staying comfortably cool. if you want to escape the heat, san francisco not too bad. upper 60s tomorrow and down from the low to mid-70s and san jose 87 degrees and if you're going to head out to san jose during the day tomorrow, mid upper 80s and on the coast a little bit of a different story. heading down highway 17, looks like low 70s and to the north
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half moon bay, comfortably cool with the all-day sea breeze and san francisco you can see there also benefiting from the onshore winds. temperatures in the 60s. for the north bay tomorrow, numbers in the mid-90s. mid to upper 90s again around the try valley so if you want to escape the heat, heyward not too bad and closing in on 80 degrees around 2:00 and cooling approaching 4:00. heat inland. that will continue, we think. for tomorrow but monday a slightly stronger sea breeze as you're about to see will lead our seven-day forecast slightly cooler and just for a day. san francisco on the coast. mid-60s for monday and the numbers rebounding in tuesday into wednesday but probably a longer lasting impact here on the seven-day forecast in terms of the heat across our inland valleys. tri-valley and south bay valleys, slight dip in temps on monday and upper 90s for the middle part of the week and as we head towards next weekend we should see a little b-2 of
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cooling saturday and sunday and heading to sierra next weekend, we may get our first taste of monsoon moisture here up out of the desert southwest. will it reach the bay area next weekend. that's the question right now. looks like most of it will stay to the east and we could see more thunderstorms heading up towards the sierra and also a little more cooling next weekend. >> oh, my gosh, ready for it then. thanks, rob. when you think about the best place to have a party you probably wouldn't think of a back alley and that's the entire point. a sketchy alley as it's described transformed into this lively party zone today between san jose's burbank and buena vista neighborhood. this was care owed out by police and nonprofit organizations. >> the purpose of this was to take this space back. the back alley of business circle has been problem make the, been a source of crime and cligt in recent years, and we heard from neighbors that they wanted this space to feel safe again. >> now the overhaul is almost
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done, some new trees have gone in and also today's event is designed to inspire other neighbors to come together. still to come tonight, a t-shirt controversy in the wnba. the new twists after players are fined for taking a stand. plus. >> clear the shelters is a success for a the humane society of silicon valley. coming up we'll have the final adoption numbers in a live report. ==peggy vo==
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if you have a know. their love is constant and unconditional. dogs, cats, guinea pigs....all types of pets were up well, if you have a pet, you certainly know their love is constant and unconditional. dogs, cats, guinea pigs, all types of pets are up for adoption across the bay area today. this is in berkeley as nbc bay area teamed up to clear the
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shelters and give the pets a loving home. more live from silicon valley where the shelter does an amazing job and they also have a lot of kitty cats there. >> a lot of kitty cats. we'll show hem in a second. amongst the four locations, the humane society of silicon valley, 200 pets up for adoption, and we just got word that 170 have been adopted. we're going to bring in that kitten here. how are you going. here with kell, a volunteer with the humane society of silicon valley. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: who is the kitten. >> this is violet. vie slept about 5 weeks old and is actually my foster kitten. >> reporter: what's today like? partnership with nbc, seeing folks come in. the fees were waived this time and what was it like seeing their expressions? >> it was awesome. came in this morning, a like out door for the first two hours. exciting for everybody. >> reporter: so we're going to wrap things up tomorrow. you guys are open again 10:00 a.m. >> we're open tomorrow. we'll have more kittens and more
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dogs. come on in and size. >> reporter: we think violet is getting you already. >> violet is getting me, yes. >> reporter: a very successful day here. >> the little kittens, can't do too much those little paws. awfully cute. thanks so much, peter, a reminder to welcome home a new family member if you have room for one. it is a big commitment, go to cnbc bay where you can find a shelter near you and many shelters continuing the reduces fees into tomorrow. a controversy over t-shirts. the wnba is backing off fining their players for wearing black lives matter t-shirts. this came offer recent shootings anyone inand minnesota. players were given a $500 penalty because the wnba rules that uniforms cannot be changed in any way, but after a public outcry it appears that the wnba now is withdrawing the fines. the league president made the announcement just a few hours ago. she also pledged to better work with the players. and on that note we do want
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to bring in california cast sportsnet's fallon smith. nice to see you. >> hey, peggy, what's going on? coming up in sports, the giants looking to avoid a seven-game losing skid, and one guy played hero just so you guys know. plus, we're headed out to tahoe for some fun in the sun. steph curry teed it up with justin timberlake. don't miss that in sports next. tonight with triple-a
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sacramento. hey, guys. welcome back. the giants entered the all-star blake with the best record in baseball, but since the mid-summer classic, well, they have lost six straight. so today they were looking to avoid the seven-game skid in the bronx against the yankees. johnny cueto moved up a day to start, and he weeks length, folks. in six innings of work, he gave up just one unearned run and had nine strikeouts, including five in a row at one point. a terrific performance from him,
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but this one went to extra. top 12, runner on first. matt williamson singles just past the gregorius. trevor brown races home, and he wi will score. giants take 2-1 final and the giants pick up their first win since the all-star break. >> had a tough time getting a big hit and matt came through. had our chances. been a tough go for these guys and finally got a break there and they deserved it. played hard today. made a couple of mistakes, but, you know, hard-fought game. >> round two of the american century championship in lake it a home. steph curry, that is not the video, but i'll let you know that steph curry, he did pretty well today.
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him and justin timberlake were paired up and him and alfonso ribeiro, the guy from "fresh prince of bel air," all three of them. had a great time and were doing the carlton. peggy, i got to ask you. >> yes, i'm afraid, what? >> i have to ask you. can you do the carlton? >> you know what that dance is. >> not well. it's sort that have '80s thing, right. not well, yeah. the red pants, i can do that less well. only j.t. can pull those things off. >> j.t., he's my guy. i was a big 'n sync fan back in the day, i will say that. i'll add mitt that. >> he's got it going on. fallon. >> thank you so much. >> a quick break here, everyone. we're going to be right back. don't forget ... we're trying to
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clear the the shelters. let's check in one last time witch well, one more reminder that we are clearing the shelters this weekend. let's send it out right away to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. so excited about the numbers. how many animals have found homes, but there are still some left to be adopted. >> there's still plenty of animals out across the bay-year to be adopted. out at the san francisco spca, and it's been jam packed today. the latest update on the number has at least 180 bay area adoptions, over three times the amounts we had last year right at the san francisco spca. andrea is with us. >> this is a chihuahua mix with a cleft palate, an adorable little love bug and is just half
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a year old. >> and he paints. >> finger painting is his special if i. >> reporter: a lot wouldn't be possible without these volunteers taking in these animals. a group of volunteers and thanks so much, guys. what is it all about today? >> clear the shelters! >> that's right, beg, and they are going to continue it into tomorrow here in san francisco so come on out and get a dog and cat and they will help the families do a good job. >> all right, everyone. thanks so much for joining us here at nbc bay area news. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. watching an nbc bay area news special, "bay area proud." college bound, thanks to a man who sees their potential. charles schmuck: in america what you can do is literally change the horizon, change the script, in one generation. and it's all tied to education.
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announcer: plus, friends in lockstep to set a major milestone. thomas page: i don't even know who said it. it was like, "we should just try to do all of it." announcer: their journey has had setbacks, but see how the power of friendship keeps them moving. and mother and daughter are in sync to give kids with disabilities an opportunity to shine in the international spotlight. tina boales: all the money i've spent out of my savings, which has a 0 balance now, was worth it. announcer: but first, a chance encounter leads two women who look like they have very little in common to a common goal. christine boshen: i think we both have this thing that keeps us up at night. announcer: and that thing may just help them realize their dreams. here's nbc bay area's garvin thomas. garvin thomas: thank you so much for joining us. most "bay area proud" stories involve one person helping another in some way, both big and small.


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